Мы выполняем полный комплекс работ на условиях EPC-контракта в области большой и средней энергетики, а также оказываем отдельные услуги по реконструкции и созданию энергообъектов с нуля. Также компания выполняет работы в других энергоёмких отраслях промышленности. Узнать больше
For the power generation sector we perform a full scope of EPC-services including basic and detailed design empowered by our own expert team of 300 engineers, and civil construction ensured by 600 employees. More details

Мы создаем энергию

Competitive advantages

Competitive advantages

3D Design

Three-dimensional (3D) environment engineering – one of innovative methods actively used in Lonas Tekhnologia today. In selected projects Company's experts use 3D-engineering: in three-dimensional environment the turbines bay at units no.1 and no.2 that are under construction in Sovetskaya Gavan was designed, the technical documentation for steam-gas power unit with capacity 180 MW at Adlerskaya CHP was developed, project of turbo units no.4,6 at Belovskaya CPP and no.4,5 at Tom-Ustinskaya CPP with turbine and generator replacement.

Necessity of application of 3D environment engineering methods was declaimed by modern requirements to developing projects and terms of their implementation. Lonas uses automatic engineering systems (CAD system) PDMS (Aveva), Catia v.5 (Dassault Systems), Inventor 2012 (Autodesk) and other software products for its projects. These softwares allow to:

  • create volume image of asset and illustrate optimum alternative of its solutions
  • improve the quality of performing the project, excluding risk of mistakes connected with human factor
  • shorten engineering terms
  • decrease the output product cost

Сertificates and Licenses

Lonas Tekhnologia JSC has full package of certificates, licenses and permits for its activities.

Lonas Tekhnologia JSC has certificate of Federal agency for technical regulation of the Voluntary Certification System «Olimp» of compliance with requirements of Russian National Standart ISO 9001-2008 (ISO 9001:2008).

The Company is a member of four self-regulatory organizations (SRO):

  • «Soyuzatomgeo» - for engineer survey,
  • «Soyuzatomproect» - for designing the power facilities, CPP, CHP and NPP,
  • «Ingenerspetsstroy-Electrosetstroy» - for civil and erection works,
  • «Engineering systems - audit» - for elaboration of measures in energy efficiency area.

Federal service for Ecological, Technological and Atomic Supervision granted our company the license giving the right to design and construct nuclear plants, radiation sources, nuclear materials and radiation substances storage facilities, radioactive waste storages.

Besides Lonas has all necessary licenses entitling it to carry out activities in its branches and divisions.

Lonas Wellhead Technology TM

Power supply solution for your geothermal field

World demand for cheap geothermal energy has caused Lonas Tekhnologia CJSC to present a new engineering product Lonas Wellhead Technology TM for electrical energy generation out of thermal energy from underground steam water reservoirs for regions with volcanic activity (Indonesia, Kenya, Bolivia, Philippines, Nicaragua and others).

Plant configuration

The main element of a plant is a back pressure steam turbine with capacity range from 2.0 to 4.0 MW depending on parameters and well steam consumption. Steam turbine manufacturer is Kaluga Turbine Works (KTZ) OJSC, which designed and manufactured back pressure thermal steam turbines of «Omega-500», «Tuman-2», «Tuman-2,5», «Tuman-4,0» types. Back pressure geothermal steam turbines produced by KTZ are successfully operated in several regions of Russia: on the Kunashir island (Sakhalin region, Mendeleevskaya GeoTPP), on the Iturup island (Sakhalin region, Okeanskaya GeoTPP), as well as also were produced for supply to Nicaragua.

Along with the geothermal humid-steam back pressure turbine, the plant comprises the following equipment:
— Generator (is connected with the turbine directly without transforming valve);
— Oil supplying unit of lubrication and turbine plant regulation system;
— Separator;
— Dry cooling tower for heat transfer from plant oil coolers and air coolers;
— Muffler;
— Power output system equipment and plant auxiliaries (container-type);
— Control system equipment (container-type).


The Lonas Wellhead Technology TM product is installed directly near the well for electrical power generation:
— Instead of diesel fuel to cover the energy power consumption, needed for holing and civil works management during the geothermal field development;
— During the geothermal field development for using the drilled well potential till the construction start and commissioning the basic geothermal power plant with more unit capacity aggregates;
— As an independent low power mobile geothermal power plant with possible superstructure in the future with binary turbine working on low-boiling coolant;
— If the content of noncondensing gas is high in gas phase (8.15% by weight);
— If the operation period of geothermal field is not enough for condensate energy unit return of investment due to geological causes;
— As an emergency starter-generator for high power GeoPP.
The Lonas Wellhead Technology TM product allows its black start without external power sources.

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