Мы выполняем полный комплекс работ на условиях EPC-контракта в области большой и средней энергетики, а также оказываем отдельные услуги по реконструкции и созданию энергообъектов с нуля. Также компания выполняет работы в других энергоёмких отраслях промышленности. Узнать больше
For the power generation sector we perform a full scope of EPC-services including basic and detailed design empowered by our own expert team of 300 engineers, and civil construction ensured by 600 employees. More details

Мы создаем энергию

Selected latest milestones


Lonas Tekhnologia JSC concluded the agreement with KirovTEK CJSC

Lonas Tekhnologia JSC was offered to develop the design of factory test panel for steam turbine plants testing, for nuclear icebreaking fleet (September, 2015).

On completing the design works Lonas Tekhnologia JSC was chosen as main contractor for panel and its systems efficiency restoration in design scope.

The work is performed for all kinds of construction and installation works on its own with the purpose of its implementation within the shortest time period.

Materials and equipment batching is also included in Lonas Tekhnologia JSC scope.

Works are performed in space-limited conditions, that asks the serious in-depth development in part of work management.


Turbo unit no.4 put into operation at Zhezkazganskaya CHP

Kazakhmys Energy Ltd («Kazakhmys Energy», Karaganda, Republic of Kazakhstan) concluded the agreement for design works performance for turbo unit no.4 Р-25-8,8/2,9 type replacement for turbine Т-50/60-8,8-1,2 and generator TZFP-63-2MUZ at Zhezkazganskaya CHP.

The purpose of design was replacement of reached the end of its service life equipment and improvement of electric and heat power of Zhezkazganskaya CHP.

According to the agreement, Lonas Tekhnologia JSC performed detailed documentation development and got positive conclusion of Industrial safety expert examination of Kazakhstan Republic in 2014. Lonas Tekhnologia JSC has also performed designer supervision for construction and installation work performance.

At the end of the year 2015 the new turbo generator no.4 successfully passed integrated testing and was put into operation.


Lonas Tekhnologia concluded the Agreement for two new turbo units designing for CHP in Topar.

On the 3rd of February Lonas Tekhnologia concluded the Agreement with «Kazakhmys Energy» LLP for 2 new turbo units designing at the CHP in Topar with capacity of 130 MW each. The CHP reconstruction is performed with the purpose of power improvement.

The designed turbo units are К-130-8,8 type Power Machines JSC – manufactured.

The personal of the Main Office in St. Petersburg and also Ural branch of Lonas Tekhnologia was involved for documentation development.

Detailed documentation issue is planned for the beginning of 2017.


Integrated testing of the equipment at Blagoveshchenskaya CHP was completed successfully.

On the 30th of December 2015 integrated testing of the equipment installed in the scope of 1nd phase of Blagoveshchenskaya CHP 2nd stage construction was completed successfully.

On the 31st of December 2015 final inspection of Russian Federal Service for Ecological, Technical and Atomic Supervision was completed and on the 21st of January 2016 the statement of conformity constructed asset was received.

Civil and installation works of the 2nd phase construction are continued at the present moment.

During the 2nd phase of construction following civil and installation works should be completed:

  • cooling tower no.4 construction;
  • coal field belt system and defrosting facility reconstruction;
  • on-shore pump station reconstruction;
  • second elevation ash-pump house reconstruction;
  • additional ash and slag line laying;
  • set of works for water supply and sewage external networks, road surfacing reconstruction and municipal improvement.

The completion of 2nd stage construction works is planned for August 2016.


Lonas Tekhnologia won the bidding for CHP construction in Sovetskaya Gavan.

According to presidential program of the Far East development the CHP construction in the town is planned . The CHP will provide all power needs of Sovet-Gavan-Vaninskiy traffic center for a long time under the conditions of port capacity growth. In December 2015 the bidding for new CHP construction in Sovetskaya Gavan was held. As a result Lonas Tekhnologia JSC accepted the role of general designer. The new CHP construction Customer is RAO Energy Systems of the East.

Plant electrical capacity – 120 MW, plant heat capacity – 200 MW.

Two turbines KTZ JSC – manufactured and three boilers Taganrogskiy boiler factory-manufactured will be installed at the CHP in Sovet Gavan.


Lonas Tekhnologia received positive conclusion of State Expert Evaluation Department with respect to the Blagoveshchenskaya CHP project.

In February 2014 Lonas Tekhnologia JSC concluded an agreement with Power Machines JSC for project support “2nd stage of Blagoveshchenskaya CHP construction”, whereunder Lonas Tekhnologia JSC was General constructor consultant with performing the function of control for design works execution, technical control of civil and engineering works and start-up works performance, regulations development, schedules of work implementation development and equipment procurement.

In March 2015 due to the fact of changing subcontracting organizations structure general contractor by the agreement with the customer passed a verdict to change General designer and agreement configuration. In March 2015 Lonas Tekhnologia JSC accepted the role of General designer and leading installation company.

At the present moment the closing stage of mounting and start-up works for commissioning of the 2nd stage of Blagoveshchenskaya CHP on the scope of the 1st phase. The division for phases was performed in the scope of design documentation. In October 2015 Lonas Tekhnologia received positive conclusion of State Expert Evaluation Department concerning “2nd stage of Blagoveshchenskaya CHP construction” project update.


Lonas Tekhnologia JSC completed works under the agreement with Chernogorskaya Mining Company LLC.

The Agreement for design documentation elaboration for gas turbine thermal power plant (GTPP) cogeneration type with 180 MW electric power and 270 MW thermal power at the Chernogorskaya Mining Company site was concluded in September 2014. Positive findings of the Directorate-General for State Environmental Review was received by Lonas Teknologia. At the present moment all works were completed and the design was passed to Customer.

As the main equipment at GTPP modern gas turbine engines SGT-700 were applied, provided high economic and environmental characteristics.

Gas turbines operation is provided separately of power system (isolated operation) that provides heightened requirements to configuration and reliability of the main equipment.

GTPP operating is provided on diesel fuel, in addition the project provides an opportunity of further conversion of the main generation equipment to natural gas burning.

GTPP is single heat source for all developed mine infrastructure.

The main kind of Chernogorskaya Mining Company activity is extraction and benefication of nonferrous metal ores and also services provision of additional oil deposit exploration and extraction and benefication of ironstones. Additional kinds of activity are stone quarry mining, prospective drilling, buildings and facilities construction for mining and process industry.


The Agreement with Gatchina MUE «Heating network» was concluded.

The Agreement was concluded between Gatchina MUE «Heating network» and Lonas Tekhnologia JSC for range of works performance on general contract terms for the asset : «Boiler-house no.11 reconstruction with steam turbine generator installation» (ancillary complete set, constructional and installation works, pre-commissioning, personnel training, commissioning).

So far, the list of the main subcontracting organizations was settled. These organizations will be involved in project implementation. The organizational measures are in progress at the moment (equipment, facilities and human resources relocation).

The main construction and installation works proposed to be performed with Krasnoyarskiy branch of Lonas Tekhnologia JSC forces.

Project management, complete power equipment with components, automated process control system, adjusting will be performed with structural subdivisions of Lonas Tekhnologia Head Office. The project implementation period is settled for a 9 months.


New points in Blagoveshchenskaya CHP construction

To the mid-August at the Blagovoshchenskaya CHP the boiler accessories were constructed, the boiler is ready for hydraulics. The heavy-weights of electric filter were installed. Rotor bringing-in to the turbogenerator stator was implemented. The instrallation and controls of production and technical building was installed and passed to adjustment.

The works were started not only within the start-up package. The installation of chimney-type cooling tower basin is completing. The layout of additional run of ash and slag line for ash-disposal area was started. The railway of Blagoveshchenskaya CHP and stockyard belts are under reconstruction. The out-door plumbing system is performed.

At the last operational conference within construction of Blagoveshchenskaya CHP second stage under the chairmanship of Deputy Managing Director for construction RAO Energy Systems of the East OJSC the Customer – set a challenge to be ready for reliability running of power unit at the end of November, 2015, thus with advance of schedule for 1 month.

Krasnoyarskiy branch staff listing involved directly in construction and installation works performance is more than 1200 people.


Progress at Norilskaya CHP-1

For the present moment the development of design and detailed documentation was executed. Expert examination of industrial safety was performed and the decision was received and sent to Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision (Rostechnadzor) for registration. Whereas the announcement about making entries on list of Expert examination of industrial safety decisions from Rostechnadzor was received and also the registry number was assigned.

At the present moment to the erection site the steam turbine, turbo generator and ancillary equipment were installed. The installation works of industrial pipeline, building structures, electrical equipment and instrument equipment are in progress. The hydrostatic testing of pipeline and insulation works are in progress.


Lonas Tekhnologia JSC has assumed responsibility as General Designer at Blagoveshchenskaya CHP

At the first quarter of 2015 the function of General Designer for «The second stage of Blagoveshchenskaya CHP construction» project was transferred to our company. The project group was created within a Blagoveshchensk branch for works intensification. The project group is responsible for function of detail engineering group performing and for designer supervision execution. Thus, the number of the branch employees has reached 40 people.

Relating to construction and installation works execution Krasnoyarskiy branch is responsible for thermo mechanical installation works, the main part of unaccomplished construction works. The additional agreement for electrical and instrumentation and controls installation with Power Machines JSC is prepared . Thus, the proportion of construction and installation works performed by our forces is close to 70% of total volume. To the end of the May the number of involved personnel at the site has reached 700 people. 600 people of this number are our company employees.


The branch in Krasnoyarsk was created

The branch of Lonas Tekhnologia CJSC was created in Krasnoyarsk in February, 2015. The primary branch objective is the preform construction and installation works at the power generation assets.

The employees able to perform full range of construction and installation works: thermal installation, electric installation and other present in Krasnoyarsk branch staff.

The best part of work is performed at Blagoveshchenskaya CHP asset. Lonas Tekhnologia is the main contracting organization for technological, electrotechnological and other kinds of installation works performance. Thus at the present moment Lonas Tekhnologia performs full range of works for power generating assets: design, completing and supply of equipment, constructional and installation works without subcontracting.


The tender for engineering in Topar was won

At the end of the last year Lonas Tekhnologia CJSC won the tender for design documentation elaboration for steam plant K-130-8,8 with generator TZFP-130-2UZ. The project provides turbo generators no.1 and no.2 of Kazakhmys Energy LLP CPP replacement for new turbo generators with the purpose of power augmentation.

According to two start-up facilities the replacement of two turbo generators with capacity of 50 MW to two turbo generators with capacity of 130 MW each is performed.

To the present moment the 1stage documentation is surrendered to planning department according to the Time schedule. Also the agreements with Contractors are signed for engineering and geological and topographical survey. The communication with the Contractor for basic technological and electrotechnical diagrams and equipment accommodation is actively carried on.

At the present moment the negotiations with Power Machines JSC concerning the signing of the contract for steam turbine plant reconstruction project execution are under way.


Blagoveshchenskaya CHP project is on the final stage of implementation – the basic equipment installation!

To the beginning of 2015 the constructional preparedness for new chimney-type cooling tower installation was provided, in January 2015 the first wagons with tower body arrived to the site.

55% of all tonnage of steam boiler no.5 with evaporation capacity of 420 tons per hour was installed.

The grouting of turbo generator no.4 superficial structure is planned to the end of the January, generator and steam turbine were supplied to the site in complete package.

Works on the transformer annex are performed, in the middle of April the supply of main transformer and auxiliary transformer to the site are expected.

The works on the coal conveyors of fuel supply and in circulating pumping station were started.

The staff number of construction and installation organizations exceeded 400 people and by the summer 2015 it should reach the number of 650-700.


Works at Gusinoozersk CPP were completed

Gusinoozersk CPP technical re-equipment and reconstruction became one of last years important projects wherein the Company participated.

Deputy Managing Director for engineering Boris Makoveev is talking about this asset in more detail: «Our company performed technical re-equipment of 210 MW power unit no.4 with replacement of pulverized coal-fired boiler, steam turbine, electrical equipment and coal-moving equipment. Lonas Tekhnologia performed full range of design works, steam turbine supply and modernization, generator excitation system supply, erection supervision work management. Power unit was commissioned in 2013. Lonas Tekhnologia has also performed technical re-equipment of Gusinoozersk CPP plant facilities to provide and reach the technical parameters and characteristics of power unit no.4 under the conditions of its joint action with other power units.

Lonas Tekhnology has elaborated the detailed documentation for Gusinoozersk CPP necessary for commissioning the turbo generator manufactured in 1993 for Pechorsk CPP with its further modernization and bringing parameters up to the appropriate to modern requirements. In addition, the full Automatic Process Control System of the plant was configured under the condition of the greatest possible electrification of armature and machinery. For this reason cable support structures and communication lines which placement was not provided in 70’s layout were designed. Lonas Tekhnologia obtained a useful experience during the work performance: it was necessary to accommodate the requirements of all reconstruction participants – producer factories, operating station personnel, general customer, prime contractor and subcontracting installation companies. At the present asset Lonas Tekhnologia activities were similar to prime contractor activities and turbine commissioning on the first try with the 3 000 rotations is a considerable achievement. Lonas Tekhnologia sidestepped a lot of rivals to get as important and great asset as Gusinoozersk CPP. As the result, the work , according to the meaning of site personnel was performed qualitatively, up-to-date, with operating solutions of all questions. Our Company meat the claims of such customer as RAO UES of Russia and got to a reconstruction of national standing stations. According to the results of present work Lonas Tekhnologia established a reputation as a one of few companies within the Country able to design modern pulverized-coal units. The necessity in such projects will be grow in the near term and the experience of work at Gusinoozersk CPP have positive significance as for Company personnel professional growth as in the capacity of position consolidation in the market of engineering services.»


Business breakfast Lonas Tekhnologia and ITLand no.4

Business breakfast with ITLand in the building of engineering company Lonas Tekhnologia was already taken place for a third time. Audience generally consisted of heads of production directions of design and engineering companies.

The question of project readiness definition was found as very important and pressing for many companies, for which reason the discussion between people who have already got this process going in their company and people who are planning the automation and people who are just starting to think about it was taken place.

At the beginning of the event the participants discussed different angles for project readiness definition, separated more effective and necessary of them for themselves.

At the second part of business breakfast the Deputy Managing Director for Lonas Tekhnologia Business Development Elena Kozhevnikova reported the practical side of the issue. Also the issues of perception the task, choosing the system for its solving, implementation project features, new concept adapting in the Company, conceptions of motivation employees were considered.

In accordance with tradition the practical part with solving the tasks for definition of project percentage completion with projects documents took place. At the end of the meeting guests considered functionality of «1C: Project organization management» and «1С: Document flow», in the integration implementing present task.

Participants of business breakfast noted the productivity of the meeting as the way to exchange valuable knowledge with project companies’ professionals concerning pressing issues in informal surroundings.


Design documentation for boiler-house in Metallostroy was transferred to the Customer

Lonas Tekhnologia elaborated the design documentation within the project of boiler-house reconstruction in Metallostroy, situated in Kolpinskiy administrative region of Saint Petersburg. The boiler-house is designed for heat-assistance of town neighboring residential area.

According to initiated design documentation the reconstruction of boiler-house is performed in three stages:

  • Annex building and three water heating boilers installation to heat supply for planned building development;
  • Two steam boilers dismantling and installation of two water-heating boilers at those places;
  • Replacement of two steam boilers to steam boilers modern type.
  • Reconstruction is performed in three stages under the conditions of existing enterprise, for that reason many temporary schemes are provided. Extremely confined area for thermal and mechanical equipment placement creates the additional complexity for designing. At the moment design documentation is under Customer approval and after that it will be transferred to the Government expert review authorities.


    Design documentation for Zhezkazganskaya CHP is ready to be transferred to Government expert review authority

    Lonas Tekhnologia CJSC has elaborated the project for turbo generator no.4 type R-25-8,8/2,9 replacement to turbine Т-50/60-8,8-1,2 and generator TZFP-63-2MUZ. Documentation is ready to be transferred to the Republic of Kazakhstan Government expert review authority.

    Detailed design consisting of note explaining and drawings was elaborated within the single-stage designing.

    Designing of TG-4 for Zhezkazganskaya CHP was in progress in confined spaces of existing industry. Non-type solutions for turbine type Т-50/60-8,8-1,2 installation with condenser and horizontal delivery water heater into the turbine type R-25-8,8/2,9 bay were applied. Solutions used in the project will allow achieving the increased economic indicators of electric energy generation at the heat consumption. For the first time at the station the modern Automated Process Control System is established, its design was also prepared by experts for automation of Lonas Tekhnologia.

    Zhezkazganskaya combined heat and power plant (CHP) included into the corporation “Kazakhmys” structure represents industrial enterprise for electricity and heat generation and is situated in northeast part of industrial area of Zhezkazgan (central Kazakhstan). The consumers of CHP production are enterprises of city ground of “Kazakhmys” corporation and Zhezkazgan housing and utilities infrastructure.


    Business breakfast of Lonas Tekhnologia and ITLand on the subject of “Management of projects workforce loading”

    The third business breakfast performed by Lonas Tekhnologia and ITLand took place. This time the subject of event was «Management of projects workforce loading». On the 1st of July Design and engineering companies in informal surrounding within the walls of Lonas Tekhnologia office discussed problems of workforce loading irregularity, planning of project tasks possible moving and projects feasibility analysis.

    Business breakfast program included:

  • Elena Kozhevnikova, Deputy Managing Director for business development in Lonas Tekhnologia survey reports and Quality Director of Research Institute of Precision Machine Manufacturing Inna Ivanova survey reports about the work with projects and needs of work with experts loading in Companies projects;
  • Business game for modeling of manufacturing laver impact analysis, production staff stoppages, works efficiency disability, losses for re-doings and concealed works for design organization finantial and economic indicators;
  • Financial Director Ekaterina Kostina report of practice in the application of ERP –system “1С:Design organization management” for design work schedules generation, forecasting, count and evaluation of loading for projects under the conditions of resource overload and underload via examples of “Spb-Giproshakht” and “Sevesrtal-proekt” companies;
  • New possibilities of “Design organization management” demonstration for dealing with precontractual, contractual and operational project structure and also with loading by professions and employees at all stages of projects. During the demonstration participants could operate in system and evaluate its qualities.
  • The business breakfast became the area for exchange of experience and ideas of Managing and Financial Directors, Heads of design departments, managing, financial, manufacturing and IT- experts of design, development and engineering companies.


    Lonas Tekhnologia CJSC participates in ‘Power Industry and Electrical Technologies’ Trade Fair in St. Petersburg, Russia

    Trade fair named Power Industry and Electrical Technologies (‘Energentika & Elektrotechnika’) is held every year, and it has become one of the most important of its kind in Russia. This year trade fair welcomed around 350 companies from June 17-20 in St. Petersburg, Russia.

    Link to the trade fair website http://energetika.lenexpo.ru/en/

    It was held in the exhibition center ‘Lenexpo’. More than 350 leading companies from Russia and abroad presented the latest and current developments in the electricity sector, power engineering, energy-efficient and energy-saving technologies and environmental safety. This year, well-known players of the global energy market, namely Adsale (China), ATAS elektromotory Náchod a.s. (Czech Republic), Minsk Electrotechnical Plant named after VI Kozlova (Republic of Belarus), Dehn+Sohne (Germany), Giovenzana International (Italy), EESTI ENERGIA AS (Estonia), Elwat (Poland), FEMAN D.O.O. (Serbia), KEMONT (The Republic of Kazakhstan), OB Profils (France), Ulusoy Elektrik (Turkey) participated in Energetika and Elektrotechnika 2014.

    Lonas Tekhnologia CJSC attended the trade fair in St. Petersburg as an exhibitor for the first time. It had a corner stand well visited by trade fair guests: equipment manufacturers, decision-makers from industrial companies, competitors and possible clients.

    The traditional exhibition program was supplemented with the 2nd Russian Energy

    Forum, aimed at fulfilling the strategic objectives and the strengthening of international cooperation in the field of energy. The aim of the Forum was discussion issues of energy efficiency and innovative methods of energy conservation. Lonas Tekhnologia CJSC experts have taken part in 2 conference events of the forum:

  • Round-table conference ‘Engineering products for power industry’ Participant: Andrey Serdyukov, deputy managing director for design, Lonas Tekhnologia CJSC
  • Conference: ‘Energy from biomass: biofuel boiler-houses and CHP. Production of pellets, briquettes, and biogas in Russia and in the world’
  • Speaker: Yuriy Yudkevich, chief expert, bioenergy, Lonas Tekhnologia CJSC. This conference has become one of the largest annual industry events in the North West region, promoting the development of business meetings and negotiations between representatives of the government and leading energy companies, the expansion of international dialogue and the promotion of products and services to Russian companies on the world market.


    New energy units of Belovskaya and Tom-Usinskaya CPP commissioned

    In Kemerovo Region in the beginning of June ceremonial commissioning of Siberian Generation Company (SGC) new energy units at Belovskaya CPP (unit no.4) and at Tom-Usinskaya CPP (unit no.5) was performed. Kemerovo Aman Tuleev, Region Governor, and Mikhail Kuznetsov, SGC Managing Director, participated in commissioning ceremony.

    The power plant modernization project is a part of major investment program of Siberian Generation Company, which will allow to increase the full power system security of Kuzbass and decrease risks of cut in energy supply because of generating equipment deficiency that is particularly topical for the south of Kuzbass.

    Lonas Tekhnologia experts took part in detailed design to the extend of turbine plants, performed supply of ancillary equipment and pipe lines and also performed designer supervision for pipe lines erection.


    Lonas Tekhnologia CJSC is to design a DH diagram for the plant n.a. Morozov

    Lonas Tekhnologia CJSC will perform design of off-line operation district heating systems of FSUE ‘Plant n.a. Morozov’, situated in Vsevolozhsky District of Leningrad Region.

    The purpose of the present project is management of dependable, smooth and energy-efficient provision of enterprise thermal energy of own generating sources with installation of three hot water boilers, their work will be operated during 7 months (October-April).

    Plant n.a. Morozov is situated in Vsevolozhsky District of Leningrad Region. For the present moment enterprise uses natural gas as basic fuel, the diesel is a back up fuel.

    Also, the following tasks will be performed within the project:

  • Existing DH network reconstruction and building of new heating network (above-ground routing);
  • Complete off-line operation of generation sources for account of its equipage of reserve fuel facility and reserve sources of electric power supply (diesel-generator);
  • Reconstruction of 25 existing individual heating units (IHU) at the buildings of enterprise and conversion of coolant – steam to coolant – water basis;
  • Providing the commercial accounting for metering quantity of natural gas consumption and technical management of quantity of heat energy generation and consumption, and also of energy resources consumed by heat supply system;
  • Providing of maximal degree of automation and dispatching of heat energy generation, buildings IHU and also heat networks sources work;
  • Operational and maintenance staff number estimate, cost price of heat energy generation sources estimate, operational costs of DH system keeping and payback period for creation of off-line DH system.
  • Company experts will carry out basic engineering investigations, will elaborate design and detailed documentation in Government expert body. At the present moment collection of initial data is performed. Design documentation with positive conclusion of expert body is planned to be issued at the end of 2014 and detailed documentation – in 2015.


    Automatic process control system start-up works are performed at Sinarskaya CHP

    Lonas Tekhnologia performs automatic process control system start-up works of turbo unit at CHP of Sinarsky Pipe Works OJSC.

    Before start-up works our experts elaborated detailed documentation within the reconstruction of CHP of Sinarsky Pipe Works OJSC with installation of turbine type Т-12-3,4/0,12 with generator Т-12-2UZ, switchgear and control gear with pressure of 6 kV, reverse cycle of water supply with fan cooling tower and heating equipment, within this scope the project of automatic process control system was also developed.

    At the present moment all design works were completed. Start-up works are operated. Synarskaya CHP is the main station provided electric energy to Kamensk-Uralsky (the Sverdlovsk Region) and also Sinarsky Pipe Works OJSC.


    Works at the boiler no.4 of Avtovskaya CHP are completed

    Lonas Tekhnologia CJSC completed design and detailed documentation elaboration for the project of repowering the boiler no.4 at Avtovskaya CHP in St. Petersburg.

    Works of Lonas Tekhnologia are completed within the repowering of peak hot water boiler PTVM 100 no.4 at Avtovskaya CHP. TGK-Service LLC is contractor. For the present moment specialists of the Company performed surveying of mini peak hot water boiler house (MPVK) and surveying of general gas duct (breeching) to the chimney, issued full scope of design and detailed documentation included in the services list of Lonas Tekhnologia CJSC devided into the chapters: electricity supply, water supply and sewage, fire-safety measures, heating and ventilation, architectural and civil engineering solutions; detailed drawings of pipe lines, installation drawings of equipment and also explanatory note for Industrial safety expert review were executed. For the present moment documentation is under Customer consideration, and then it will be transferred into the Government expert body. Demolition works for boiler unit at the site are completed.

    Project implementation was performed in confined spaces of existing equipment. The purpose of repowering is reconstruction of exhausted boiler, its equipment, elements and constructional units with replacement of existing gas system of the boiler, steam and fuel oil supply, gaseousness and boiler electricity supply control system with the application of automatic process control system (Tekon Engineering CJSC performs this part of the project). As a result of project implementation advanced technologies in the process of heat energy generation will be introduced and boiler efficiency will rise.

    Earlier experts of Lonas Tekhnologia have already successfully completed works connected with repowering of other boiler units of MPVK: no.1,2,3 with replacement of heating surface. The project of boiler no.4 is not similar to previous boilers: the first three projects were typical, but the annex with elevating mechanism with all communication lines were also included in scope of works. However documentation was developed on term – within two monthes.


    IT Land and Lonas Technologia business breakfast

    March 20th, 2014. Saint Petersburg. Lonas Tekhnologia and its partner for automation of business processes management held business breakfast for design and engineering organizations addressed to project economics questions and financial monitoring of orders and projects portfolio.

    IT Land and Lonas Tekhnologia both are organizers of the 2nd specialized business breakfast for design and engineering companies. The subject of action took place on March 20 was specified as follows: “How to hold projects profitability? Financial monitoring of orders and projects portfolio”.

    ITLand C.E.O. Sergey Lebedev, Deputy Managing Director for business development of Lonas Tekhnologia CJSC Kezhevnikona Elena and financial Director of Giproshakht JSC Kostina Ekaterina became spokespersones of business breakfast. Format of the business breakfast included as experts reports as open dialog between parties. It was demonstrated how the process of financial monitoring of orders and projects portfolio is implemented and performed in ERP-system «1C: Managing of project organization».

    ’The format of business breakfast allowed us to gather together representatives of such companies as «Lengiprotrans», «VNIPIET», «KB ViPS», Scientific Research Institute of high-precision mechanics and many other different design and engineering organizations, - made a comment of business breakfast results the head of GC ITLand Sergey Lebedev,- the core value of such events is experience exchange and search for ways of critical tasks solutions. Together with our partner Lonas Tekhnologia we are sure that such informal meetings of Major Companies Heads and Senior Managers promote development of design organizations potential».


    Work at the Blagoveshchenskaya CHP are going on

    Lonas Tekhnologia CJSC acting as consultant for project management within the construction of the second stage of Blagoveshchenskaya CHP. At the present moment the civil and erection works of preparatory period were started

    The General Contractor of the project is Power Machines JSC and General Designer is KOTES JSC. Lonas Tekhnologia performs the range of services for managing the project, such as:

  • Managing the design process and participation in design including development of required documentation within the turbine island used by General Contractor as basic data;
  • Managing the supplies of ancillary equipment including control of supply terms and the quality of supplied equipment;
  • Project implamentation managing: terms control and works planning, uninterrupted following the progress of the project implementation;
  • Project communications management;
  • Civil and engineering work and its quality management;
  • Acceptance and control of detailed documentation developed by General Designer;
  • Risks managing for project implementation.
  • Under the implementation of 2nd stage extension of Blagoveshchenskaya CHP is planned the installed electric power improvement of the station up to 400/410 MW and installed heat power up to 1005 MMkcal/hr on the basis of commissioning of one of steam-turbine unit with nominal electric power 120 MW and thermal power 188 MMkcal/hr and one steam boiler with steam generating capacity 420 tones per hour (brown coal fired). Commissioning is planned in the IVth quarter of 2015.

    Blagoveshchenskaya CHP is a structural subdivision of branch “Amur Generation” JSC “Far Eastern Generating Company” and major personal manufacturer of electric and thermal energy of FEGC JSC. For the present moment installed electric power of Blagoveshchenskaya CHP is 280/315 MW, thermal power – 817 MMkcal/hr. The site of CHP is situated in Amur Region, Blagoveshchensk, on the left bank of Amur river, which is the border with PRC. For the purpose of continuous rendering of services Lonas Tekhnologia has opened the branch in Blagoveshchensk.


    New project at Verkhnetagilskaya CPP

    Lonas Tekhnologia will perform the works for Verkhnetagilskaya CPP again: design works will be performed and ancillary inside-turbine equipment of steam-turbine plant will be supplied.

    Lonas Tekhnologia CJSC concluded the agreement for the works for Verkhnetagilskaya CPP. Within present agreement design works will be performed and ancillary inside-turbine equipment of steam-turbine plant will be supplied. Design and supply of equipment are planned to complete on May, 2014. Design works are performed from the end of the last year.

    Our Company has already performed works in Sverdlovsk Region: detailed design «Modernization of turbo generator no.10 K-205-130» was developed.

    Verkhnetagilskaya CPP is in operation from 1956 and is one of the main suppliers of electrical energy in Sverdlovsk Region. Together with natural gas the coal is used as main fuel, oil fuel is used as backup fuel. Installed electric power of the station is 1 497 MW.


    Final stage of works at Fosforit Industrial Group

    Lonas Tekhnologia CJSC is completing performance of works for installation of turbo generator PT-25/30-3,6/1,0 with capacity of 25 MW with generator Т-32-2V3 and reconstruction of electrical network

    Company started this project in December, 2010. By forces of our experts detailed design of turbo generator installation was developed. At the present moment start-up works are operated. Commissioning of turbo unit is planned to the end of this year.

    Fosforit Industrial Group belongs to EvroKhim LLC and is one of leading manufacturers of phosphorous fertilizers and feed phosphates at the north-west of Russia. Implementation of present project let the enterprise to provide one’s full supply of electrical power that provides decreasing of production cost and increasing of production of profitability.


    Heating main in Murmansk Region was commissioned

    Lonas Tekhnologia CJSC completed works within the project of heating main construction from Apatitskaya CHP in Apatity to CHS in Kirovsk. Heating main was commissioned on 27th of November, 2013.

    Within this project our company under assignment by Khibinskaya heat company JSC developed design project of heating main, designer supervision and CHS installation were executed. Start-up works at the heating main were completed to 27th of November, when by assent of Federal Service of Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision commissioning took place.

    Our company started this project in May, 2007. Designing and further construction was performed with objective of ensuring the developing of Apatitsko-Kirovks region heating and improvement of ecological situation in the region. Heating main track was designed from the Main Building of Apatitskaya CHP to the central heating station (CHS) in Kirovsk (1st contour), the length in the plan is 12 150m. From CHS to pump stations no.3 and no.7 (2nd contour) the length of pipe lines is 1 160 m (in the plan to pump station no.3) and 1 075 m (to pump station no.7). Level difference of the first contour is 130 m, but level difference of the second contour – up to 58 m. Track of heating main crosses three nameless streams, Zhemshuzhny streem and Belaya river.According to the project of our Company reconstruction of Apatitskaya CHP was also performed.

    Heating system is one of the most difficult engineering networks to design because it is necessary to take into account such factors as topographic features of the locality, climate conditions and tight working space in populated locality. Company experts could be justifiably proud of addition such project into the reference list.


    Gusinoozersk CPP power unit no.4 passed integrated liability tests

    Integrated liability tests of power unit no.4 with capacity of 210 MW took place at Gusinoozersk CPP. Lonas Tekhnologia CJSC performed full complex of design works within the modernization of present power unit.

    Integrated testing of the equipment was completed in October, 28. The unit had been working for 72 hours under the load of 214 MW. The main equipment of power unit no.2 (boiler, turbine, generator) and also ancillary systems had worked without demur.

    Within technical modernization of power unit no.4 Lonas Technologia CJSC performed full complex of works, supply and modernization of turbine, excitation system supply, water-purification machine, and also organization of erection supervision work for turbine equipment and excitation system.

    For the present moment operational adjustment of installed equipment is continuing. Finalization of commissioning is planned in February, 2014.


    The 7th place in rating “League of the Best”

    Our Company took the 7th place in international economical rating “League of the Bests” for OKVED “Architecture area activity, industrial and building design and engineering”.

    According to official data of Russian Federation Office for National Statistics in response to Rating European Standard the comparison of economic indicators in the accounting period among 2 500 000 business entities of RF. From the each area leading enterprises are subject to international economical rating “League of the Bests” in their area of economic activity.

    For account 2012 Lonas Technologia CJSC got an advantage over the competitors and filled the 7th place in rating according to profiling OKVED “74.20.1” - “Architecture area activity, industrial and building design and engineering”.


    New project at Novo-Ryazanskaya CHP

    Lonas Tekhnologia will perform feasibility study of investments for Novo-Ryazanskaya CHP.

    Lonas Tekhnologia will perform a concept development of Ryazan branch of Novo-Ryazanskaya CHP LLC with the purpose to define the possibility of maximum effective usage of heating power reserve of turbine type “R” and “PT” of CHP for town heat supply under the work conditions at the electrical energy wholesale market and capacity for some options. This concept will include technical capacity evaluation and economic viability verification of scope and terms of capital investment for each option.

    Novo-Ryazanskaya CHP is the largest combined heat and power plant and the largest manufacturer of heat and electric energy of Ryazan. The basic equipment was installed at Novo-Ryazanskaya CHP consisting of 11 power-plant boilers and 6 peak water-heating boilers and also 9 steam turbines with total capacity of 425 MW.


    Lonas Tekhnologia CJSC is to perform start-up works at boiler-plant of Yeletskaya railway station

    Lonas Tekhnologia CJSC concluded the agreement with Russian Railways JSC for start-up works at the boiler-house of Yeletskaya railway station of Oktyabrskaya railway.

    The project of this dust-coal boiler-house innovative type with capacity of 4.5 MW was performed earlier by experts of our Company within the design of capital construction facility “Chummery construction for employees of FD-37 and teams of business travelers for 60 persons at Yeletskaya station”. Lonas designed DCS system as well. The Customer of design works was ECF “Uhtazhilstroyproekt” LLC, Russian railways JSC branch. At the present moment designer supervision is on at the boiler-house.

    Yeletskaya station is located in Republic of Komi and belongs to Oktyabrskaya railway. Commissioning was planned for Q42013.


    The second stage of works is performed at Ust-Kamenogorskaya CHP

    In April 2013 the civil and erection works for turbine Т-100-130 no.11 reconstruction were started at Ust-Kamenogorskaya CHP.

    The works are performed by MPR Garant-Service LLP for documentation elaborated by Lonas Tekhnologia CJSC expertexperts within the agreement with ‘AES Ust-Kamenogorsk CHP’ JSC for performing the design-engineering services for reconstruction, modernization and integration of steam turbine no.11. At the present moment the turbine has been dismantled and contractor has begun foundation refurbishment, which have been operating for more than 40 years. The upcoming works includedismantling of the front and middle HPC bearings.

    At the present moment our company finished all design works within the agreement with ‘AES Ust-Kamenogorsk CHP’ JSC for performance of design-engineering works. All works are planned to be completed in October 2013.


    Erection works at Belovskaya CPP and Tom-Usinskaya CPP

    Erection works are operated for turbo units К-225-12,8-3М with generators TVV-220-2EUZ for Belovskaya CPP and КТ–120–8,8–2М with generator TVF-125-2UZ for Tom-Usinskaya CPP.

    Design works and equipment supply for these projects are completed in 2012. Erection works completion and following commissioning was planned to Q4 2013.


    Lonas Tekhnologia CJSC is rated 33rd in “The Leaders of the sector 2012” rating

    According to the data from noncommercial organization “Russian-wide business-rating” our Company occupies 33rd place among the Russian companies acting in the area of architecture, engineering-technical design in sector of industry and building.

    We are glad to inform you that Lonas Tekhnologia CJSC is ranked among the most economically successful companies in accordance with data from state authorities statistics of Russian Federation “Russian-wide business-rating” and earned the status of “The Leader of Russian economics 2012”.

    The 33rd place belongs to our company in ranking by the type of economic activity under OKVED “Activity in area of architecture, engineering-technical design in sector of industry and building”. “Rating shows the real leaders of national economics and also their investor and possible partners appeal, it informs authorities about business situation at the enterprise, its successes and achievements” – it is reported at the noncommercial organization web-site. Grading was performed among more than 620 000 100% Russian capital enterprises , independent from forms of ownership which were registered and are acting at the Russian Federation territory.

    The feature of ’Russian-wide business-rating‘ is that it is compiled on the basis of data from Federal State Statistics Service. The system of comparison and evaluation is based on data and facts of official financial reports of enterprises.


    Design works for installation of Shimkent CHP-3 turbine are completed

    Design works for installation of turbine Т-30/50-1,5 with generator TF-50-2UZ, auxiliary equipment, fan cooling tower at Shimkent CHP-3, Z-Energoortalik JSC, Shimkent, Kazakhstan.

    Design works are at the final stage. Required design approvals with Chief Architect of Shimkent were received, and also sanitary and epidemiological inspection report, state environmental expert conclusion, expert conclusion for according of detailed design to industrial safety requirements at the hazardous industrial facility, detailed design approval at Emergency Situations of South-Kazakhstan region Department. In connection with all received approvals and positive conclusions the detailed design elaborated by Lonas Tekhnologia CJSC expertexperts was submitted to state expertise authorities. Now the agreement for state expertise is concluded. After receiving the positive conclusion from state expertise and after that approval of construction the implementation of project is planned to start from construction of Shimkent CHP-3 territory the ventilation cooling tower and required for it supporting buildings and communications. For this moment starting works terms for installation of turbine Т-30/50-1,5 with generator TF-50-2UZ are not fixed by the Customer.


    Adler TPP began operation at full capacity

    On 21 of January Adler TPP began operation at full capacity. Adler TPP will accept more than one third of full load of all Olympic infrastructure within the days of 2014Winter Olympics. Dmitriy Medvedev, who was in business trip in the region, participated in TTP commissioning.

    TPP construction was concluded last year in spring. Two power units of TPP are natural gas fired. Lonas Tekhnologia CJSC performed woks for one of steam-gas power units with capacity of 180 MW - the elaboration of technical documentation and auxiliary equipment and piping supply.