Мы выполняем полный комплекс работ на условиях EPC-контракта в области большой и средней энергетики, а также оказываем отдельные услуги по реконструкции и созданию энергообъектов с нуля. Также компания выполняет работы в других энергоёмких отраслях промышленности. Узнать больше
For the power generation sector we perform a full scope of EPC-services including basic and detailed design empowered by our own expert team of 300 engineers, and civil construction ensured by 600 employees. More details

Мы создаем энергию

Areas of expertise

Lonas' implements EPC/EPCM projects.

Acting as EPC-contractor we perform full cycle of works within the power projects:
Design – Equipment supply – Civil works – Commissioning

Works are performed both using own resources and subcontracting, however the company has stable relations with manufacturers, suppliers and has reliable partners performing different services in power sector.


Front-end engineering design:

  • Feasibility study preparing, elaboration of technical concepts of power facilities taking into account market situation, previous economic calculations of investments, business-planning
  • Power plants technical audit, equipment service life evaluation and modernization projects development
  • Concept development for power plants

Design works:

  • Design and detailed documentation elaboration
  • Full range of design works, connected with turbine, generators, turbo compressors and auxiliary equipment installation (replacement)
  • Layout design, detailed drawings of pipelines and other communication lines (electrical power output scheme, auxiliaries, secondary joints)
  • Design of combined heat and power plants

    • Choosing the equipment for combined cycle
    • Calculating the combined cycle and development of scheme in accordance with present loading and offered working modes
    • Pre-investment feasibility study
    • Detailed design
    • Complex of works, needed for steam gas unit construction

    Conversion of boiler houses into mini-CHP is in demand nowadays, and is an important part of Lonas’ work. Such project usually include installation of 0,5-6 MW steam turbines on the basis of present boiler houses , as well as creation of mini-CHP, which would supply heat and electricity to the enterprises at cost price.

    Civil and start-up works

    Complex of engineering services from initial data collection to organization of civil and installation, start-up works and plant commissioning. Turbo generator is commissioned in 12-14 months after signing the contract.

    Basic and auxiliary equipment supply

    Close cooperation with suppliers and stable links with manufacturers guarantee timely and high-quality manufacturing and supply of power equipment.

    Completion and supply of basic and auxiliary equipment is performed first of all in part of installation and replacement of steam turbines and steam boilers, pipelines and reinforcement.

    Maintenance service

    Performing full complex of work for maintenance and operation to support and provide uninterrupted operation of power facilities. Performing required actions for service, preventative inspection, repair and service as power stations as ancillary parts and electrical equipment.

    District heating

    Within construction and reconstruction of heating mains Lonas Tekhnologia CJSC performs the following services:

    • Conceptual design of heat supply systems development
    • Front-end engineering design
    • Design work

    Environmental audit and support of construction and reconstruction of power facilities

    Environmental support of construction projects of construction and reconstruction of industrial facilities is performed at the all stages of pre-investment and investment activities:

    Concept design stage

    • Data compilation for environmental impact evaluation (EIA)
    • Public hearings organization
    • Data compilation for substantiation of usage the land for development
    • Complex (pre-investment) environmental audit

    Stage of design documentation elaboration

    • Section ‘Action sheet for environmental safety’ (Environmental safety)
    • Process regulation for handling construction waste
    • Program development for environmental control
    • Design of sanitary protection zone organization development
    • Design of enterprise site improvements development
    • Maintenance of design documentation coordination in expert and supervision body

    Stages of construction and commissioning

    • Waste Generation and Disposal Targets development (WGDLB)
    • Construction waste passports development and coordination in Russian Technical Supervisory Authority
    • Construction waste limit receiving

    Energy audit

    Technical audit of energy power planta, equipment service life evaluation and modernization projects development. According to results of energy audit energy passport is composed. Lonas Tekhnologia is a member of NPO “Engineering systems - audit” for development the measures in energy efficiency area.


    DCS department performs works for following areas of plant automation:

    • DCS and APCS for power plants
    • Teleautomatics systems, system of technological data exchange with the automated system of system operator
    • Automatic system for commercial measurement of power consumption, automated measuring and information system for electric power fiscal accounting, automated system of electric power technical record-keeping

    Within specified directions of business area Lonas Tekhnologia performs as full complex of works on a turnkey basis for the automation section as selected types of work, as follows:

    • Asset of automation survey, initial data collection
    • Development and coordination of Technical specification for automation system
    • Design documentation development and coordination
    • Detailed documentation
    • Completing, equipment manufacturing and supply
    • Installation supervision, erection works
    • Start-up works, contractors' work coordination
    • Acting as General Designer and Prime Contractor
    • Passing the expert review under complex works performance.

    EPC for bioenergy

    Design of a unique eco-friendly power engineering equipment and bioenergy technologies:

    • Obtaining renewable energy from a logging and wood waste recycling
    • Detailed design of coal burn, torrefication, activation machinery

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